What are we doing, here?

a6e5f571-ac8a-4a78-95b2-318fe1019b16Hey! Glad you can join us. Pull up a chair and grab a glass. The beer is flowing, the mood is jovial, and the conversation is easy.  

Oh… you might be wondering who we are. Well, for a more general introduction, we’re just four people who like to explore craft breweries around the Denver Metro area (and maybe even beyond). We like to try distilleries, too, when we have a chance, as well as the rare winery in the area. And during one of these recent outings, when we were having lots of fun, we thought maybe we could start a blog about it. 

As such, we hope to share our insights, and perhaps lead you to a place you’ve never been before, where maybe you just might find your new favorite beer. Or maybe you’ll discover a great place to meet friends on a regular basis for drinks, food, and fun. 

By the way, we originally wanted to call ourselves Through the Drinking Glass — an obvious play on the trippy old Lewis Carroll classic. Well, first of all, someone already had that name. But more importantly, we want this to feel like a place where people feel comfortable taking a seat at the table with us to share company and laughter. And we won’t just be reviewing the beverages. If there’s a food truck, we’ll talk about it. We’ll let you know about ambience – including noise, games, welcome, comfort, and so on. We want to share the all around experience.

Now, to get more literal about who we are, here are some introductions:

Becky — the Smooth One

Becky likes smooth flavors. She’ll drink just about any type of beer as long as it isn’t too strong or biting, and doesn’t linger unpleasantly on the tongue. Obviously, that disincludes anything too hoppy or bitter. She’s also dubious about sours. A slightly sweeter fruit beer or a mild coffee or chocolate porter is a good bet for her. That smoothness translates to other drinks, too. Whiskeys and vodkas should be easy-drinking and not overpowering. See, Becky’s all about the smooth. Be aware, though – she’ll be flat out honest if something doesn’t hold up to her expectations. But true to her nature, she’ll be the first to laugh about it and pick up the next taster.

Warren — the Sexy One

Warren prefers a beverage that oozes sex appeal. He loves dark, sexy beers, as long as they’re not too heavy on the coffee or chocolate (they should still taste like beer, not breakfast or dessert). He enjoys most everything else on the beer menu, too – excepting the IPAs and pale ales. Anything too hoppy is a turn-off. On the other hand, a well-structured lager or ale makes him happy, and he’ll try the sours and fruits. He’s man enough. Warren’s a big fan of a smoky whiskey or scotch, but his true sex appeal transcends paper umbrellas – he will not reject a cocktail just because it seems a little fru-fru. He’s not judgy that way.

Dave — the Refined One

Dave will try just about anything — but he knows what he likes and what he doesn’t like. He’s a fan of wheat beers, Belgians, and some ambers, if they’re not too heavy or bitter. Forget anything harsh or hoppy, like a porter, stout, sour, or IPA. But don’t you dare think Dave’s just another smoothy — he also loves an smoky, peaty Islay scotch or a smoky, strong whiskey. His vodka should have a bite to it. His gin should be strong on the juniper. He likes a black-pepper tempranillo. But Dave will still taste other things. He wants things the way he wants them, but he’s easy. It’s complex.

Erin — the Adventurous One 

Erin’ll be the first to admit that she hasn’t found an alcoholic beverage she flat out refuses to drink. She’s not a huge fan of pale ales or IPAs, but is still the one at the table who is most likely to try, appreciate, and finish those samples. Favorites include chocolate or coffee porters and stouts, but she also enjoys a brown ale, scotch ale, or amber, and is open to sour and fruit beers — as long as it doesn’t go too sour or sweet. Erin loves a floral gin, highland scotch, smooth bourbon or rye, and various floral and fruity liqueurs, but also enjoys a bitter aperitif or well-made sazerac. Just pass it down. She’s game to try it.

Disclaimers: we readily admit we’re not balanced, and we might be biased. None of us likes anything too hoppy. We’re mostly red wine drinkers (though Becky will be the first to choose a white, and Erin admits to liking the sparkly stuff). We’re not experts or connoisseurs. We just like going out and tasting beer and liquors – and occasionally wine. We also enjoy tasting new foods from various kinds of food trucks and restaurants available around the breweries or distilleries. 

Sometimes, we’ll even do an in-home tasting if we have a fun collection of, say, bourbons. Or rums. Or vodkas. Or whatever. In future, we might even return to some of these places to try their seasonal offerings, taste new things, or find out whether the ambiance or experience (including available foods) has changed. The key is, we don’t make any claim to being a well-rounded group. We just want to taste stuff and share what we think.

But that’s enough about us. Get yourself a pour and have a seat. Let’s share some good times Around the Drinking Glass!